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Technical specification for winter construction of cement refractory castables for industrial furnac


Basic provisions

1 when the outdoor daily average temperature is stable below 5 ℃ for three consecutive days, winter construction measures should be taken for the construction of cement refractory castables.

2 the temperature of working environment during winter construction shall not be lower than 5 ℃.

3 during winter construction, the following temperatures shall be measured:

① Air temperature outside the greenhouse;

② Temperature around the working place and lining;

③ The temperature of the material after heating in the greenhouse;

④ The temperature of fire-resistant burning pouring material during discharging, molding and curing.

4. During winter construction, full-time temperature measurement personnel should be set up, and the measurement should be carried out every 4H and records should be made.

Material Science

1 the materials transported to the construction site should have quality certificates, valid inspection reports and product instructions, and indicate the manufacturer's name, product name, brand, weight, production date, validity period and other contents.

2. The appearance of materials shall be checked before construction, and in case of doubt, they shall be sent Physical and chemical index inspection shall be carried out in an approved laboratory.

3 materials shall not be used when they are polluted or deteriorated by moisture. Cement of different varieties or strength grades shall not be confused.

4 before winter construction, the coarse and fine aggregates and powder used to prepare fire-resistant castables should be sufficient and stored in the warehouse with cover on the top and base plate under it, and should be kept dry.

5 materials shall be placed according to specifications and varieties, and signs shall be set.

6 aluminate cement shall be preferred in the preparation of refractory castables.

7 clean water shall be used when mixing refractory castables. The mixing water in coastal areas should be tested, and the concentration of chloride ion (cl-) should not be greater than 300mg / L.

8 the chemical additives used in the preparation of fire-resistant castables on site can be used only after the proportion is verified.

Construction preparation

1. Before the construction of fire-resistant castables, a special scheme for winter construction shall be prepared, and technical disclosure shall be carried out.

2. The construction of the next process can be carried out only after the previous process is accepted as qualified.

3. Construction personnel shall receive special training for winter construction.

4 heating sheds and material heating facilities should be set up in time, and special personnel should be assigned to be responsible for maintenance.

5 the mixer should be set near the pouring place.

6 meters, instruments and temperature measuring equipment can be used after passing the test.

7 before construction, simulated construction should be carried out under the same conditions to verify the winter construction measures.