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Nanyang Molike New Material Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of wear-resistant ceramic coatings, wear-resistant plastic flexible ceramic coatings, wear-resistant castables, lightweight thermal insulation materials, wear-resistant anti-corrosion coatings, blast furnace wet spray coatings, and special ceramic welding materials for coke oven & glass furnace, zero-expansion silica bricks, and zero-expansion large-scale modular prefabricated bricks, etc., with a professional construction team. Currently we have one Doctor, two undergraduates and 10 technical workers to guarantee the scientific research, production, construction and after-sales to serve every user. We have accumulated a large number of wear data of easy-to-wear parts and its rich construction experience. We can undertake technical support, material selection, wear-resistant composite product provision and on-site installation in various industries for anti-wear, thermal insulation, and anti-corrosion projects. The technical design and technical consulting services can be available for free.

Our wear-resistant ceramic products are widely used in coal powder conveying systems, primary and secondary air channels, high temperature fans, cyclones, flues, dust collection pipes, alumina powder conveying pipeline, large flue, pellet sintering chute, waste heating power generation chamber, dust collector pipeline and key wear-resistant and anti-corrosion treatment layer of various high and low temperature equipment in the petrochemical industry.

Wear-resistant ceramic material is an ideal new material to replace the existing ceramic sheet, wear-resistant steel and polymer board lining in many parts. Our company has established long-term cooperative relations with CUCC and CNBM. At the same time, our company is equipped with various performance testing equipment, and strictly controls the quality in the process of material production to ensure the stability of the finished products.